In today’s world, it is extremely important counselors understand the effects of trauma and excessive stress on a person’s life.  I have training for certification as a Clinical Trauma Professional. I have studied the works of some of the most widely recognized people in the field of neuroscience and trauma.  In the context of the Word of God, I will help you get to the root of the difficulty, reduce stress, and release the effects of painful life events, for a more peace-filled, meaningful life.

In His mercy, God unraveled the trouble in my own life layer by layer and brought me into a place of peace and freedom. I have been involved with helping people heal for the past 20 years. To be honest, it was very scary at times to learn a new, healthy, way of being. It helped a lot to have someone walk through it with me. Do you want to experience the healing available to you?  Your past or present do not have to determine your future.  You can take steps to understand, heal, and move forward.

All the best,

Darcy Reinagel